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You can save up to 30 percent on insurance premiums with an electric company car

Would you like to provide your employees with an electric company car as a non-cash benefit or possibly set up an entire electric vehicle fleet? Then sooner or later you will have to deal with the insurance of electric vehicles.

Basically, you can take out any fully or partially comprehensive insurance for electric company cars. However, you should pay attention to the insurance conditions, as there are important insurance benefits for electric vehicles that your chosen tariff should include. These include, for example, comprehensive insurance cover for the battery. Theft of the wallbox and charging cable should also be covered.

With Allianz, you benefit from services specially tailored to your needs and can optimally supplement your electric company cars with additional modules as part of the partial or fully comprehensive insurance.

The charging card or a charging cable connected to the vehicle are also an integral part of comprehensive insurance.

If a car or truck (up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight rating) is stolen or is a total loss, Allianz will reimburse you the original price within the first 24 months of initial registration if the vehicle was purchased as a new car. For used cars, the purchase price will be reimbursed within the first 24 months of purchase.

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With the additional WerkstattBonus module, you can save a further 15 percent on the comprehensive insurance premium and benefit from extensive services. After a claim, you will receive a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair, but for a maximum of 7 days. If the vehicle is no longer functional, we have integrated a one-off pick-up and delivery service for repairs. Your vehicle will of course be returned to you clean.

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