Monitoring The Security Of Your Home While Out On The Road

In the UK, 7 homes are burgled every minute, and yet 14% still have no security measures in place. Being away from home for long periods of time can be a cause of anxiety for many drivers. However, now that car and home technologies are merging, connected technology can be used to monitor security in and around the home from the car. As well as being able to keep an eye on pets and deter potential intruders, drivers can receive alerts in the event of an emergency or break in, enabling them to act quickly to deal with any situation.

BMW’s partnership with SmartThings means that as well as being able to remotely control home comforts such as heating and lighting from the dashboard, drivers are alerted to any home emergency. A fire in the home can take hold within 3 or 4 minutes, so early detection is essential, and a smart smoke alarm in the home will send a signal to the car if it is triggered. Although fire is a greater threat, water damage to a property is more common, and a smart system that sends a prompt alert for a water leak can avoid compounding the situation.

Checking In At Home

As well as receiving alerts for emergencies, it’s also comforting to know that, at any time, all is well at home. A recent survey found that 81% of people were afraid to leave their home unattended when they went away on holiday. Being able to control automated lighting at home from the car can help alleviate stress. Smart cameras fitted inside and to the exterior of the home allow for monitoring of the whole house and garden, and with the addition of motion detectors and spotlights, can identify and deter intruders. In addition, a smart camera can monitor a pet’s activities to ensure that they are safe and comfortable when left alone at home for any length of time.

In the event of break-in at home, the Nest Protect system, part of the Nest application integrated into the Ford sync system, will immediately notify drivers. In addition, an advanced version of Nest’s Automatic Connected Car Adaptor can contact next of kin or emergency services on a driver’s behalf, if necessary.  According to the UK police, most burglars gain entry by forcing the front door, and doors with glass panels are particularly vulnerable to break ins. Drivers with Alexa in the car can be alerted to such a home intrusion by Amazon’s new service for Echo, Alexa Guard. When Guard is enabled, devices wake when they hear breaking glass and send a warning directly to the car.

Many people are anxious about leaving their property and pets for any length of time time. With integrated systems connecting cars to the home, security and safety can be closely monitored, giving drivers peace of mind while out on the road.

Jennifer Dawson

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