Rebike Akku Motor Check im Refurbishment Center in Kempten. Foto: Rebike

Sustainable alternative: used market for e-bikes

For many people, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but has become a necessity. Circular business models are coming into focus, and the appreciation for used products is increasing. More and more consumers are therefore looking for attractive alternatives to buying new products. A conscious decision to use resources carefully leads to attractive new offers. When looking for an e-bike in 2024, the topic of refurbishment will therefore be indispensable. Current e-bikes are now also available as “young used” from professional providers such as Rebike. Sven Erger, COO and co-founder of the provider Rebike sees the increased demand for refurbished e-bikes also in the improved range: “On our platform we offer over 2,000 refurbished e-bike models”. Rebike mainly takes over one to three year old e-bikes from terminated company bike leasing contracts for its in-house refurbishment. As the number of returns is constantly increasing, Rebike offers customers a large selection of popular brand manufacturers at favorable conditions. This means that special requests for used e-bikes can also be fulfilled.

“Size, model and brand must match the buyer’s expectations exactly, even when buying used. On the one hand, this requires a large selection, but above all competent advice,” explains Erger. “We know that deciding on the perfect e-bike is a challenge. Until now, when buying used, you had the feeling that you were faced with a confusing mountain of offers or that you had to take what you found. We have a completely new approach: With the online bike finder or personal purchase advice, we offer a service that you otherwise only know from buying new. This gives you a good feeling of making the right decision and really having found the right product at an attractive price.”

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