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Next.e.GO Mobile SE and Sibros enter into partnership

Next.e.GO Mobile SE (e.GO), manufacturer of urban electric vehicles, announced a strategic partnership with Sibros, a connected vehicle platform company. The aim is to implement industry-leading connected mobility solutions in e.GO’s new vehicle models to benefit from the data-driven transformation of urban mobility. Sales of the newly launched electric vehicle, the e.wave X, started in October 2022.

The e.wave X is a battery-powered urban electric vehicle that uses innovative spaceframe technology. In addition to its sustainable materials and unique production processes, the e.wave X features a replaceable and recyclable polymer outer skin, as well as smart and replaceable batteries that are designed to provide a low-maintenance and long-lasting electric drive.

e.GO chose Sibros’ Deep Connected Platform as it ensures cross-vehicle data management and over-the-air (OTA) software updates. The data collection is expected to provide further insights, enabling a range of connected and value-added fleet services. The OTA software updates are designed to optimise the customer experience throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. Together, e.GO and Sibros are committed to realising the full potential of connected mobility in urban areas with a 360-degree user experience and an interconnected system of connected services.

Connectivity is considered a key factor for mobility in smart cities. The partnership between e.GO and Sibros creates business opportunities for innovative OEMs such as e.GO in the area of fleet management, as well as enabling them to offer a wide range of services throughout the life of the vehicle and continuously optimise the customer experience.

“The increasing integration of different areas in the automotive sector, including connected vehicles, vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communication and ultimately autonomous mobility, is expected to support the software-defined connected urban vehicles of the future. This is what excites us about this partnership,” said Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Next.e.GO Mobiel SE. “We want to offer our customers the freedom to choose exactly the connected services that fit their needs – be it charging, car sharing, insurance or connected driving. So their e.wave X basically becomes a smartphone on four wheels.”

Sibros’ connected vehicle solution will take advantage of several strategic industry partners, including Google Cloud for Automotive, which brings together an entire ecosystem of scalable vehicle-to-cloud solutions for data analytics, visualisation, AI, machine learning and application programming interface (API) management tools. Automotive manufacturers using the Sibros platform include a continuously growing list of the world’s best-known manufacturers of cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers and tractors, as well as start-ups in the electric mobility industry in the car and commercial segments. www.e-go-mobile.com; www.sibros.com

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