Polestar 2 Arctic Circle

Until April 25: Polestar 2 Arctic Circle in Hamburg

The next winter is sure to come! The Polestar 2 Arctic Circle demonstrates the engineering prowess of the Swedish brand and shows the performance potential of the electric car under extreme weather conditions. Interested parties can experience the show car live until April 25 at Polestar Space Hamburg, at Hohe Bleichen 8. Visually and technically rally-inspired, with 19-inch OZ Racing rally wheels, four Stedi Quad Pro LED headlights and a unique matte gray and white exterior finish, and engineered to be fast and agile on snow and ice, the Arctic Circle from the Swedish manufacturer on a Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor with Performance Package.

Special optimizations such as the 30 percent softer springs with three-way adjustable performance dampers from Öhlins ensure that the vehicle can also be controlled without hesitation in the Arctic Circle at 66.5 degrees north latitude in extreme cold of up to -35 degrees Celsius. The mechanical prerequisites for this are a raised ride height (+30mm), increased performance and higher torque (350 kW and 680 Nm) as well as specially made 19-inch spiked winter tires (245/35 R19), which are fitted with 4mm metal spikes ( 490 per tire) are equipped. The unique winter rally special edition, with a carbon fiber snow shovel and recovery harness mounted in the rear, will be on display at Polestar Space Hamburg. Anyone who is now thinking of buying will be disappointed: The Polestar 2 Arctic Circle is a special show car model and will not go into production. Nevertheless – an exciting experience. www.polestar.com

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