2022 Opel Rocks-e Kargo

Opel Rocks-e Kargo: The most flexible delivery vehicle

Delivering parcels, pizza, medication, etc. flexibly, practically and emission-free down to the smallest alley in the city center – the micro-LCV variant of Opel’s first SUM (for “Sustainable Urban Mobility”) makes it possible. With the unconventional small delivery vehicle Rocks-e KARGO, Opel will not only make young people over the age of 15 and commuters mobile in urban areas, but also enable tradespeople from parcel services to pizza delivery people to deliver to their destination emission-free. Because online business and the demand for doorstep deliveries are constantly increasing, and the Rocks-e KARGO represents the clever mobility solution for this. The 2.41 meter short and 1.39 meter (without exterior mirrors) slim city Stromer with a turning circle of only 7.20 meters steer perfectly through narrow curves and alleys or into small parking spaces. And the driver and goods are always protected from wind and weather. Instead of the passenger seat from the Rocks-e two-seater variant that can already be ordered, the Rocks-e KARGO has a modular loading compartment. A vertical wall visually separates the driver’s compartment from the luggage compartment on the side. The bulkhead was designed with a recess in such a way that the driver continues to enjoy the same space and driving comfort as with the standard version of the Rocks-e.

You can read what else makes the city electric vehicle so sexy in the current eMove360° magazine in german language from page 38 onwards. Download here for free.

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