Peatland ecosystems as long-term carbon stores: Launch of the regional “CO2-Regio” feasibility study

  • – The Audi Environmental Foundation and the “Energie Effizient Einsetzen” (“use energy efficiently”) association are investigating the impact of peatland conservation, humus formation and reforestation on the regional climate
  • – Peatland is a highly efficient carbon store offering greater storage capacity than woodland
  • – Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation: “Systematic peatland conservation will help to prevent carbon stored over centuries from escaping into the atmosphere”

Thanks to their high content of organic matter, peatland ecosystems are highly efficient carbon stores capable of storing more carbon dioxide than woodland covering an equivalent area. This is why the Audi Environmental Foundation and an alliance of regional municipalities, cities and administrative districts are joining forces with the EU’s LEADER* support program to fund a study researching the greenhouse gas offsetting capacity of peatland, woodland and humus. The study also aims to outline how regional farmers can repurpose their land for alternative uses and be financially rewarded for their efforts.

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26.05.2021   |  

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