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Polestar supplies batteries to e-wing boat manufacturer Candela

Polestar, the Swedish electric car manufacturer, has signed a multi-year contract to supply battery and charging systems to Candela. Candela is a Swedish manufacturer of hydrofoil electric boats. This agreement is one of the world’s first direct collaborations between automotive and marine companies in the field of battery technology.

As leading EV brands in their respective sectors, Polestar and Candela combine an appreciation of innovative design and a commitment to sustainability. Using computer-controlled hydrofoils that lift the hull above the water, Candela’s electric boats “fly” above the water’s surface, consuming up to 80% less energy than conventional motorboats at high speeds. Candela’s boats are emission-free, quiet and combine a low environmental footprint with better passenger comfort due to a smoother ride than that of conventional boats. By combining Polestar’s batteries with Candela’s breakthrough electric hydrofoil technology, both companies aim to drive the growth of sustainable electric mobility in society.;

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23.08.2022   |  

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