Precise data for greater safety: Audi warns its drivers about slippery roads

  • – Swarm data improve car-to-X service “local hazard alerts”
  • – Around 1.7 million cars in the Group make up the swarm intelligence
  • – New procedure detects minute changes in the coefficients of friction
  • – Joint development between Audi and Car.Software organization, NIRA, and HERE

Audi is taking another step toward safer and more intelligent mobility. The premium carmaker is using high-precision swarm data for the first time to improve its car-to-X service “local hazard alerts”. The new version uses a car-to-cloud application that is based on a novel procedure for estimating the coefficient of friction on the basis of the wheel slip. The technology can detect minute changes in road surface adhesion, upload the data to the cloud to be processed, and warn drivers behind of road ice, for example, in near real time. Since 2017, cars made by Audi have been able to warn each other about accidents, broken-down vehicles, traffic jams, road ice, or limited visibility. To do this, the car-to-X service “local hazard alerts” analyzes various data. These include interventions of the electronic stabilization control (ESC), rain and light sensors, windshield wipers, and headlights, as well as emergency calls and airbag triggering. Audi is now taking the next step and improving the service with high-precision swarm data to make the warning even faster and more precise. The brand with the four rings is the first manufacturer to use a patented solution from Swedish company NIRA Dynamics AB for this purpose. The two companies used this solution as a basis to develop the improved hazard alerts together with the Car.Software organization and HERE Technologies.

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08.03.2021   |  

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