Thanos Papagiannis mit seinem neuen ID.3, dem ersten privaten ID.3 auf Astypalea. Foto: Volkswagen AG

Project Smart & Sustainable Island: First e-cars for private customers on Astypalea

The electrification of Astypalea is picking up speed: The Volkswagen Group has delivered the first electric cars to private customers on the Greek island. A turquoise ID.3 Pure was received by its new owner directly at the windmills in the main town of Chora. Further deliveries included the ID.4 and e-up! and the Seat MÓ eScooter 125. This means that the e-fleet on Astypalea is constantly growing, after the local authorities have been using e-vehicles since last year. The “Smart & Sustainable Island” project is a joint initiative of the Volkswagen Group and the Republic of Greece. In the coming years, Astypalea is to be converted to smart, sustainable mobility and the energy system is to be completely renewed.

Thanos Papagiannis, the first ID.3 customer on Astypalea, is a staunch advocate of e-mobility. His new e-car replaces a Volkswagen Golf 3: “E-mobility is perfectly suited for Astypalea. The routes are short, electricity consumption is low and the charging network is now very well developed. I hope that with this project we can also get other regions excited about more climate protection and e-mobility.”

Maik Stephan, Head of Business Development at the Volkswagen Group and project manager, emphasizes: “Astypalea is a future laboratory for the mobility of tomorrow. We are experiencing the same change here as everywhere in Europe, only in a much shorter time. Now that the first private customers are driving electrically, word will quickly get around about how fascinating e-mobility is.”

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22.04.2022   |  

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