Deutsch-indische Zusammenarbeit zwischen ETO und Quantron. Foto: Quantron

Quantron and ETO Motors agree on Indo-German cooperation

Quantron AG and ETO Motors Private Limited of Hyderabad, India, plan to collaborate for both the Indian and European markets and signed an agreement to this effect. Under the partnership, ETO, a company that provides electric mobility solutions and services for the first and last mile as well as for commuters within cities, will support Quantron in the development and approval of Quantron trucks, last mile vans and buses by the relevant authorities in India and other countries of the Indian subcontinent. In addition, ETO will become the sole distributor for all Quantron vehicles and technologies in the territory. Quantron will also provide ETO with access to its existing retrofit kits for converting internal combustion engines to electric vehicles and assist ETO in designing and developing Indian versions of these kits with Indian pricing and Indian licences and permits. In doing so, the two cooperation partners will particularly push the development of BEV and possibly FCEV conversion kits targeting applications in the global market – trucks, buses or even trains (for FCEV), depending on cost and feasibility.

The cooperation also aims at the deployment of H2 technology vehicles and infrastructure (e.g. tanks, dispensers and electrolysers) through cooperation or import/export of technologies between the countries. In addition, both parties will also cooperate in the development of new battery/energy solutions to be used in vehicles/products in the respective regions and countries. They will also support each other in sharing a technology platform that includes ecosystem connectivity, IoT, fleet management solutions, location-based services, route management, energy, charging and location-based services.;

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