Der ProTec T2C-EV ist dank seiner unterschiedlichen Anschlussmöglichkeiten besonders schnell und einfach zu installieren. Foto: Raycap

Raycap at eMove360° Europe: Compact surge protection for e-charging stations

With the expansion of the charging infrastructure for e-mobility in Germany, the need for solutions for safe charging is growing. Raycap, an international manufacturer of electronic components for surge protection, connectivity and monitoring, is expanding its range of surge protection components for e-car charging stations with the new ProTec T2C-EV, a particularly compact component that easily finds space in small charging columns and wallboxes.

In June 2022, there were 58,926 charging points for e-cars across Germany. By 2025, the demand for private and public charging points is expected to increase to 250,000. Overvoltage protection is mandatory for all publicly accessible charging infrastructures for electric vehicles in order to protect people and connected vehicles from damage in the event of an overvoltage event. However, surge protection is also necessary in the private sector, for example for wallboxes, in order to protect the investment on the one hand and to avoid damage to the vehicle and, in the worst case, people on the other.

Compact design especially for e-charging stations

However, a single surge protection solution cannot cover a complete charging scenario. That is why Raycap, as an expert in the protection of e-mobility infrastructure, has developed different surge protection solutions specifically for this area: whether for the AC or DC area, for small charging stations in the private and public sector or for fast charging stations.

Raycap has expanded its product portfolio, which has been tried and tested for years, to include the ProTec T2C-EV. With its compact design, this type 2+3 surge protection component is specially designed to fit in small charging stations or wallboxes. Thus, the ProTec T2C-EV also covers private charging stations that are not already sufficiently protected against surge damage via the house connection. Thanks to its different connection options, the ProTec T2C-EV is particularly quick and easy to install: Either with Faston connection or a matching cable set. The latter makes it possible to assemble the cable lengths oneself, so that a precisely fitting and space-saving installation is possible. Raycap’s many years of miniaturisation expertise have gone into the development of the ProTec T2C-EV: Reliable protection in the smallest space. The solution is available immediately.

Raycap is exhibitor (booth 201) at eMove360° Europe 2022 6th International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 electric-networked-autonomous, which takes place from 5 to 7 October, Messe Berlin, Hub 27 and Hall 25.

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