Scalable Y-power distribution units for high-voltage wiring systems

Leoni presents the next generation of its modular system for high-voltage power distribution in electric and hybrid vehicles.

As a system partner, Europe’s leading supplier of cables and cable systems for the automotive sector and other industries has responded to its customers’ needs: the further developed Y-splitter is more variable, lighter and less expensive than comparable products.

Reliable and space-saving, the product is capable of handling the distribution of power to several high-voltage units – something that is becoming increasingly necessary in HV architectures. A multi-layer, firmly sealed hybrid casing made of metal and plastic exceeds customers’ mechanical and EMC requirements and ensures resilience to environmental impact.

Computer simulations and optimised 3D design were also used to achieve significant improvements in the unit in terms of size, weight and cost. What is more, the modular design enables variable deployment: with parts that are identical in some cases and based on the same structural principles, it is possible to cater for different wire sizes, outlet directions and numbers of outputs (variant: X-power distribution unit).

Presented at the IAA International Motor Show for the first time, the product is designed for two-core shielded high-voltage silicon cables with a cross section of 2 x 6 mm², allowing for higher temperatures. Moreover it is also adaptable for various performance levels and materials. The simple structure of the unit allows it to be scaled to other cross sections such as 2 x 2.5 mm² and 2 x 4 mm² as well as single-core cables. It can also be adapted to customer needs in terms of temperature resilience. The unit is currently designed for 1,000 voltages.

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20.07.2017   |  

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