Schaeffler Presents World Firsts – Technologies for the Mobility of Tomorrow

The range extends from components and system solutions for optimizing powertrains based on internal combustion engines and the electrification of automobile drives for hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles through to new vehicles concepts.

With the “Schaeffler Mover” and a cargo variant of the “Bio-Hybrid”, Schaeffler will be presenting specific vehicle concepts for future urban mobility. Thanks to its wide range of attractive technologies, Schaeffler is making a valuable contribution to shaping mobility for tomorrow.

“The challenges of mobility for tomorrow also lie in the variety of different mobility requirements”, explains Matthias Zink, CEO Automotive OEM at Schaeffler. “A decisive factor for the successful development of solutions is a holistic approach to the powertrain and the interaction between the electric machine, internal combustion engine, transmission, and the corresponding infrastructure. Our customers benefit from Schaeffler’s comprehensive portfolio.” A very wide range of products is therefore being presented to specialist visitors during the ‘Schaeffler Symposium’ and the combined technology show. This includes world firsts, such as dedicated hybrid transmissions – customized transmissions for hybrid vehicles – or the “Schaeffler Mover”, the world’s first technology platform for robo-taxis and urban transport vehicles. Thanks to electric wheel hub drives, 90-degree steering system, and a modular design, this compact, flexible and freely scalable platform is suitable for a range of different mobility solutions in urban areas.

Technologies for individual powertrains – internal combustion engines and hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles – are being presented in specialist presentations and in an exhibition divided according to the type of drive. In addition, multidimensional Worlds of Experience provide an insight into the topics urban mobility, digitalization, and the energy chain and simulations demonstrate Schaeffler’s activities in these fields. There is also a presentation of the research activities carried out in Schaeffler’s worldwide network of cooperating universities (SHARE).

The Symposium has been taking place for 40 years. Every four years, the technology company provides its customers with comprehensive insights into its latest innovations. The event has developed into a congress lasting several days, in which specialist visitors are given a demonstration of Schaeffler’s products in around thirty specialist presentations and with the aid of a wide range of exhibits. The high-tech symposium in Baden-Baden marks the start of a series of events, which is continued in the second half of the year in North America, China, and Japan. “We are now reaching all our customers’ experts worldwide with this series of events”, says Prof. Peter Pleus, also CEO Automotive OEM at Schaeffler. “The Symposium offers an opportunity for a direct exchange from developer to developer. This makes it interesting for both our customers and us.”

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