Secure High Voltage

KOSTAL is a leading manufacturer of high quality automotive connector systems. KOSTAL terminal systems are based on standard products which have proven their worth in vehicles and offer a suitable solution for all applications.Bild Kostal klein

The PLK 14.5 series covers the upper area of the power range. PLK 14.5 terminals can be inserted in any of the three planes and therefore permit extremely compact housing systems with 90° and 180° cable exits using a single contact variant. Depending on the requirements different wire cross-section for copper and aluminum cables up to 70mm² are possible.

The KOSTAL KHV 600 connector system is used successfully in electric and hybrid vehicles for several years.

KHV 600 connectors are robust and compact and offer immediate parts availability of approved one way up to four way connectors (header and receptacle housing).

The KHV 600 connector system is characterized by:
– Optimal electric safety
– High temperature and vibration resistance
– Availability of all components for the connection of shielded copper and aluminum wires from 16mm² to 50mm² according to LV 214 standards
– Low mating and unmating forces
– Excellent electric shielding capabilities
– Flexible applications options

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