Taking the next step to electrify mobility with polycarbonates

Title of the paper: Taking the next step to electrify mobility with polycarbonates


Polycarbonates offer excellent electrical properties as known from manifold applications in the EE industry such as charging stations for electric vehicles (EV). Today, the electrification trend in the Mobility industry is unstoppable and a key driver to reducing direct carbon dioxide emissions.

Covestro contributes to this trend by offering our amorphous polycarbonates, Makrolon®, and polycarbonate blends, Bayblend®, for EV battery packaging applications. Dedicated grades for battery enclosures, cell holders, module housings, top covers were developed providing excellent flame retardance and colorability, high heat resistance, impact strength and toughness at low temperatures, dimensional stability and precision as well as low and predictable warpage and low water absorption.

Innovation in polycarbonates never stops. Two new material portfolios were developed to further support the electrification of mobility.

Usually thermoplastic materials are thermal insulators. A few years ago Covestro introduced a new portfolio of thermally conductive polycarbonates, called Makrolon® TC which has been constantly improved, allowing our customers to choose between electrically conductive and electrically insulating grades. By supporting uniform temperature distribution in battery modules these materials could improve the cell lifetime and ultimately the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. They could also play a role in the electric vehicle power electronics.

Today there is an increasing demand of flame retardant (FR) materials combined with a Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) of 600V due to the current trend towards component miniaturization and increasing energy density. This combination of properties was challenging to fulfill for polycarbonates until now. However, Covestro recently launched a new portfolio of flame retardant polycarbonates with CTI of 600 V for Li-Ion battery hou

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