Silver Atena and Bender Group at eMove 360° Europe: Charging at its best

Silver Atena and Bender Group are presenting a product family of calibration-compliant, bidirectional and smart-home-capable DC charging stations “Made in Germany” under the iONiX brand at eMove 360° Europe in Berlin from 5 to 7 October.

With the iONiX, the aim was to develop a charging station that combines fast charging with intuitive usability, fits perfectly into all environments in terms of appearance and opens up a wide range of possible uses in private and public spaces with many clever features. The iONiX offers two modular variants and covers fast DC charging with 25 or 50 kW. The slim, attractive design is an eye-catcher at the roadside, which increases user acceptance and design options for operators or, for example, urban planners. The extremely quiet operation (at the house/residential areas) and customised design options also contribute to this. Operators of charging parks, car parks or shopping centres benefit not only from the remote maintainability, but especially from the iONiX’s integrated dynamic load management, with which multiple charging stations can be operated efficiently – also in combination with in-house AC chargers and even across manufacturers.

The charging station offers numerous billing options from credit card to the convenient Plug&Charge solution. For the customer, this means: quickly plugged in, simply paid. An optional, individually playable large display opens up new marketing opportunities for advertisers. For energy-conscious private users, the iONiX is the perfect charging station thanks to its distinctive smart home capability and optional bidirectionality for feeding energy back from the vehicle into the home energy ecosystem. All in all, a sophisticated charging station that leaves nothing to be desired, both technically and visually.

About iONiX: iONiX is a cooperation between the Bender Group and Silver Atena GmbH. As a premium developer and high-tech supplier of fail-safe electronic components, Silver Atena, a company of the Expleo Group, develops the high-voltage power electronics and is responsible for the mechanical design of the charging station.

Bender GmbH is the market leader in electrical safety products such as insulation monitoring and residual current technology. In the field of electric mobility, Bender has built up a renowned reputation over the last decade and is now the technical leader in AC charge controller technology. In this cooperation, Bender takes on the task of equipping the DC charging station with the intelligence of a DC controller and making it electrically safe.

eMove360° Europe, 5 to 7 October 2022, Messe Berlin, Hub 27, Stand 302

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