ŠKODA AUTO invites employees to take part in ‘GreenWeek’

› ŠKODA AUTO’s GreenWeek runs from 13 to 17 September 2021
› Internal event focuses on sustainability, environmental and climate protection
› Czech car manufacturer has firmly anchored specific sustainability goals in its corporate strategy

Mladá Boleslav, 13 September 2021 – ŠKODA AUTO is inviting its employees to take part in online presentations, discussions and talks on the topic of ‘sustainable development’ during GreenWeek. Through this internal campaign, the company aims to raise awareness of current and future measures for environmental and climate protection.

Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Production and Logistics, says: “At ŠKODA AUTO we have a deep understanding of the EU’s climate targets and we are committed to achieving them. As part of GreenWeek, we want to discuss with our employees what we have already achieved and what lies ahead of us. Our Green Future strategy focuses on the following topics in the areas of Green Factory, Green Product and Green Retail: decarbonisation and energy, the materials cycle and waste reduction, as well as the water cycle and biodiversity. The clever solutions that characterise our brand are being used by all ŠKODA employees to tackle this challenge, making our green logo a symbol of even greater sustainability.”

Over five working days, employees will have the opportunity to discuss current projects and potential improvements in the area of environmental and climate protection with experts at the company, the ŠKODA AUTO University (ŠAVŠ), ŠKO-ENERGO and other guests. The programme includes a diverse range of topics. By organising this campaign, the car manufacturer hopes to motivate its employees to participate in activities for lasting, sustainable development, both in their private and professional lives.

The ‘Green Future’ strategy forms the framework for all the events on the GreenWeek programme. ŠKODA AUTO combines its ambitious sustainability goals under this umbrella and is continuing to strengthen them as an integral part of its NEXT LEVEL – ŠKODA STRATEGY 2030. The aim is to continue minimising the environmental impact of the company’s activities. ŠKODA AUTO has defined the three pillars ‘GreenProduct’, ‘GreenFactory’ and ‘GreenRetail’ as the cornerstones: GreenProduct focuses on developing vehicles that are as environmentally friendly as possible – both in terms of materials and recycling as well as fuel consumption. GreenFactory combines all the activities that contribute to resource-conserving production. Energy and water consumption, the amount of waste per vehicle manufactured as well as CO2 emissions and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – such as those produced when painting car bodies – are continuously measured and reduced. With GreenRetail, the company promotes sustainable business practices among dealers and workshops.

With its GreenWeek, ŠKODA AUTO is participating in the Volkswagen Group’s ‘goTOzero weeks’, which involve brands, sales regions and departments organising various campaigns and activities between July and November 2021 to highlight the issue of sustainability.


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