Teaser of Panasonic Industry – enabler for autonomous driving solutions

eMove360° Club Meeting – eMonday May 2021
17 May 2021

Panasonic Industry – enabler for autonomous driving solutions

Panasonic is a Japan-based company addressing worldwide markets in the fields of research, development, manufacturing and technology supply that contribute to ‘A Better Life, A Better World’. With its 54 B€ turnover and more than a quarter million employees it serves both B2C and B2B markets. In the domain of automotive products and solutions, Panasonic is addressing many aspects of electrification of vehicles and driver assistance systems. The focus of Panasonic Industry, in the field of ADAS, is to provide enabling components to ADAS systems. This includes the development of new products based on in-house technology as well as development projects in cooperation with component suppliers, where our core competency lies in the area of integration and packaging. In the presentation of Panasonic Industry one inertial sensor will be highlighted as an product example. This sensor family is extraordinary as it is serving the open market by a highly sophisticated application specific standard product (ASSP)  on the one hand and providing a customized version on the other hand. The presentation will describe various features of the sensor’s uniqueness



Biography of the author

Hubert Conti-Geitner,

Studied communications engineering in Regensburg followed by many years in various positions at Analog Devices and STMicroelectronics in Munich (Germany), Cambridge, MA (USA) and Milan (Italy). For more than 20 years enthusiastic about the possibilities of micromechanical components in the automotive industry and excited to see what’s more to come. Since three years with Panasonic Industry Europe in Ottobrunn as Product Executive for ADAS, Sensor & Actuator Components in Business Development.

Hubert Conti-Geitner
Product Executive ADAS
Panasonic Industry Europe


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