Technology that enables the car to become an extension of the home

Already, 1.5 million homes across Germany are equipped with an Amazon Alexa smart speaker. German was the first non-English voice that the Alexa bot was programmed to understand, and already the technology is gaining ground. What’s more is that this technology doesn’t stop once consumers leave their home, as the technology has an on-the-go approach that extends beyond a mobile device.

Auto technology that trumps just good navigation

Previously, the biggest technological marvels in the car were connecting the phone to Bluetooth and using the hands-free option to phone someone. A lot has happened since those years and thanks to virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant, it’s now possible to search for directions or even a favorite playlist on voice command only. What’s more, manufacturers are now installing this technology directly into cars and syncing with the home device is not only possible, but the new normal.

The electric car at the heart of the grid

Thanks to auto manufacturers such as Audi, the home network will soon extend to the car. Their design process allows electric car owners to power their cars at home without the possibility of overloading the power grid. Instead, with the help of smart technology and solar storage systems of various sizes, the car is able to receive a full charge without compromising the grid. While the car is connected to the home network, it won’t be unusual in future to control the thermostat and even lighting from the car. Smart security will also be a benefit to this interconnectivity as it will warn homeowners of a potential threat before they set foot inside.

Cars are evolving into an extension of their owner

Apart from those cars that can sense who is in the driver’s seat and adjusts to those personal preferences automatically, smart technology has a number of other benefits. Apple is reported to be working on an autonomous car they’re hoping to launch as early as 2020. The integration between the various Apple products and this smart car will undoubtedly create the potential for starting a car, providing its destination, and even changing directions en route from something as simple as the Apple Watch.

The future of car technology makes the transition from home to the road seamless. Once in the car, there is no reason to lose touch with what is happening at home.

Jennifer Dawson

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