Tesla plans to build over 4000 charging piles in China this year

Tesla said that it will accelerate its push for a higher-density, more scenario-adapted, technologically advanced charging system.

Tesla plans to build more than 4000 charging piles in China this year, twice the total amount built in the last five years. Tesla said it expects to open the Chinese portion of the Shanghai-London charging line, making cross-border travel for electric vehicles possible. Tesla also plans to start promoting the V3 Super Charging Pile in the second quarter to create a more efficient charging service system for Chinese consumers. After years of exploration and development, Tesla has built a dense charging network in China that spans east-west and north-south.

This makes Tesla the earliest charging pile project construction in China, the largest number of its own charging piles, and the most extensive new energy smart car enterprise covering cities. To date, Tesla has built 2500+ supercharging piles in mainland China and 2400+ destination charging piles in 140+ cities in China.


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25.05.2020   |  

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