The Q30 Water Limousine Concept World Premiere: Introducing a commercially feasible electric taxi/limousine boat

Q-Yachts once again leads the way in electric boating. The Finnish e-boat builder is further developing its portfolio by introducing a new, fully electric boat for commercial use.

Q30 Water Limousine is an electric boat that is designed for water limousine and taxi service use. The concept has been developed to answer a clear demand from the market for a zero emission vessel that is able to transport people in crowded cities and lake areas in an environmentally conscious and efficient way.

Air and water pollution is an increasing problem in the world. In addition, cities, ports and lakes are plagued by noice, a special type of pollution. The Q30 Water Limousine rises to address also this problem by offering a truly sustainable solution for silent water transportation.

The Q30 Water Limousine combines state of the art technology with elegance to offer an extraordinary smooth boating experience. Imagine gliding on the water while producing minimal wake, without any engine noise or exhaust fumes.

The Q30 Water Limousine is designed to meet the requests of the demanding limousine and charter operations—creating an unparalleled boating experience both for the driver and passengers.

Fully electric with hydrogen option

A characteristic feature of the Q30 Water Limousine is the hydrodynamically optimised hull for slow to medium speeds (up to 15kn / 27km/h). Where fast charging is possible, the Q30 Water Limousine will offer an electric only version with a 30–60kWh battery capacity. For heavy use and/or where there is sufficient infrastructure for hydrogen fuelling, Q-Yachts offers a version fuelled by hydrogen and fuel cell, offering up to 120kWh of electric capacity. Hence the Q30 Water Limousine offers a commercially truly feasible solution for transporting passengers all day without the need for charging/fueling.

Q-Yachts in brief

Q-Yachts is a Finnish electric boat builder. The company was established in 2016 with production located in Finland. To ensure the highest of quality, the boats are built by experienced Finnish craftsmen. The success of Q-Yachts is based on visionary thinking and a capacity to successfully combine high-end technology and elegant design. The key characteristic of Q-Yachts is silence and this unique concept is called Electric Silence. Thanks to the hydrodynamically optimised hull, the boats are incredibly energy efficient, silent and produce minimal wake.

One of the core ideas of Q-Yachts is to build boats that are easy to use and own. This idea comes from Janne Kjellman, founder of Q-Yachts. As a keen sailor, Mr. Kjellman set a goal already over a decade ago to develop a silent and sustainable propulsion system for boats. Q-Yachts was conceived with the clear vision of bringing a motorboat to the market offering the same experience of speed and silence that you experience on a performance sailing yacht.

Q-Yachts is committed to developing a more sustainable and carefree boating. Following the success of the company’s first model, the Q30 electric day cruiser, Q-Yachts is now expanding its portfolio by introducing the commercially feasible electric boat, Q30 Water Limousine.

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