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Shijiazhuang Tonhe Electronics Technologies Co.,Ltd., hereafter called Tonhe, is a high technology enterprise in China, who is specialized in innovation of technology, product and management in the power electronics industry, and R & D, manufacturing ,sales, operation and service of high frequency switch mode power supply and related products , providing customers with system solution for the energy sector.

Tonhe was established in 1998 and got listed in 2015 with stock code 300491.

Tonhe is the first power electronics enterprise in China to realize full-process power conversion soft switch, and has accumulated more than 60 patents with a cumulative investment of more than 150 million yuan in R &D. Continuous research and development investment has enabled Tonhe to achieve a high market share in the field of electric operating power supply, charging station, on-board power supply and special power supply.

In 2018, Tonhe successfully acquired Xi’an Howe Electro-mechanical Co.,Ltd., played the role of capital platform, and expanded military industry business. Employee: more than 500 staff.

In this eMove 366° exhibition, Tonhe displays his three new kinds of charging module products, that is 15KW wide range constant power charging module (model No.TH750Q38ND-AX), 20KW constant power charging module (TH750Q61ND-AX) and 30KW high power density charging module (model No: TH75050ND-AX). All the three modules have 380VAC input, wide output voltage range of 200-750VDC. And for these three models, Tonhe has his own patent technology, that is the industry leading resonant voltage type double-loop resonant switching power supply technology and three-phase three-level power factor correction technology. And all the three modules have the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and high reliability.

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