Trade Fair eMove360° Europe 2017: Focus on Energy and Infrastructure

  • 2017 could become a decisive year for electric mobility: More vehicles, improved infrastructure

Munich, January 2017 – The year 2017 that has just started may turn out as the year in which we leave the „chicken and egg“ discussion in electric mobility behind: Do we need a large number of electric vehicles out on the streets in the first place to enable an extensive charging infrastructure or is the latter the key factor – or currently: the obstacle – for a massive market penetration of EVs? “It’s crunch time now: The manufacturers launch attractive cars in all price categories. At the same time, numerous companies enter the market with very smart solutions to overcome the still dominating “walled garden” strategies in charging infrastructure and to adapt the charging of an EV to the well-adopted process of refueling fossil vehicles. Right now a clear picture is evolving of how electric mobility can work as a mass market”, said Robert Metzger, Managing Director of MunichExpo and organizer of eMove360°Europe 2017. After its successful first edition last year it will be held this year from October 17-19 at Messe München.

Key to success: Attractive vehicles and smart solutions
Opel has announced to present its fully electric Ampera-E with a range of up to 500 kilometers in Geneva in March. Tesla might deliver the first units of their “low cost” Model 3 by the end of this year. Simultaneously, a lot of companies have already used the opportunity to present their innovations in the field of charging at the trade fair last year. With its Cooled Cable System the Swiss company Huber + Suhner enables ultra fast charging using large volumes of electricity – and facilitates the handling of the entire charging unit. Tokheim, a company with a 120 years experience in fossil fuels, is now focusing on electric vehicle charging and can rely on a solid basis of 14,000 gas stations in Germany. The process is very much adapted to the well-established process of refilling gas: Drive to the dispenser, plug the cable in, charge and pay at the cashier in cash or with all usual payment cards – with no limitations by regional associations, a specific energy utility or systems that require the use of a certain smartphone app. To enable “turbo charging”, high current flows of up to 500 kwh are already being tested today. Delta Energy Systems has prepared its new generation of charging units for these loads. Wireless charging can make a big leap by benefitting from innovations like the the interoperable platform by SEW Eurodrive. In addition, more and more energy companies like innogy put themselves on the map as forerunners in this field,. The company based in the city of Essen, GER, has already confirmed its presence at the 2017 trade fair, as well as numerous other companies from this sector like Bals, Harting, Lapp Cable, Delta Energy Systems, Huber + Suhner, EBG compleo, Walther Werke and Otto Dunkel GmbH.

Therefore, Robert Metzger pointed out, MunichExpo dedicated one major exhibition area of eMove360° Europe 2017 to this key topic: „Public incentive schemes like the one launched by the local authorities in Munich as well as on nationwide level are important, but it is also very much about making electric mobility attractive by creating innovative products and services. Many companies have understood this and offer exciting solutions, specifically in the field of charging infrastructure.“

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About eMove360°

MunichExpo will start with a new comprehensive trade fair concept: The topics electric mobility, mobility concepts & services as well as urban & mobile design will be united under one brand. eMove360° Europe 2017 (October 17-19, 2017, Messe München) International Trade for Mobility 4.0 – electric – connected – autonomous presents the complete range of next generation and sustainable mobility solutions, from Urban & Mobile Design, materials and processing solutions, connected and autonomous driving to electronics and infotainment. Target audience of the exhibition are developers and designers, IT professionals, professional industrial buyers such as fleet managers, decision-makers in cities and communities, touristic regions and service providers.

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