Trade Fair eMove360° Europe 2017: Focus on Mobility Concepts and Services

  • New mobility concepts and services are crucial for the development of urban areas
  • Smartphones enable service-based business models for intermodal mobility

Munich, February 2017 The future of mobility is electric, connected and autonomous. This includes, in addition to new drivetrain technologies and an extensive connectivity of the vehicles, a whole new vision on mobility. It is becoming more and more an “as a Service” product that is used if necessary. The actual means of transportation plays a minor role in this, but it is all about the question: How do I get to my destination in the best way, according to the individual preferences: As soon as possible, as comfortably as possible or with as few emissions as possible. “The urban traffic particularly needs a fundamental change. Intelligent mobility concepts will determine whether municipalities will be able to provide a livable environment for their citizens”, said Robert Metzger, Managing Director of MunichExpo and organizer of eMove360° – International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 – electric – connected – autonomous that will be held this year from October 17-19 at Messe München. Stand bookings as of December 31, 2016 have already exceeded last year’s bookings in the same period by 35 per cent.

Intermodal mobility in urban areas
For this major scope traditional business models are abandoned or at least enriched: Deutsche Bahn offer car sharing and so do premium manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz or BMW that strive to reach with these additional offerings those customers – or: users? –, who think that a five star online-rating of a mobility service is more important than one star on the hood of their self-owned car. This development is empowered by numerous intelligent smartphone apps that make intermodal mobility work, e.g. for people who live in the city, who do not own cars anymore, but use public transportation to manage their daily travels and commutes, book a sharing car occasionally to do their weekly grocery shopping – and use trains or planes for longer trips. This, however, calls for “last mile” concepts, that provide means of transportation to get to the chosen destination from an airport or the last available train station, e.g. with a booked e-bike or a rental car. Reservations and bookings are usually done via smartphone.

The large number of intelligent solutions that are already available in municipalities, in the working world as well as in people’s private lives, have been shown in the first edition of eMove360° Europe in the previous year: providers like DriveNow, Car2Go, Daimler Fleet Management, Bavaria’s capital Munich, Technical University Munich, TH Deggendorf / E-WALD project, innogy and Münch-Energie have presented their concepts for a forward-thinking sustainable urban mobility at the show.

eMove360° Europe 2017, that will take place from October 17–19, at Messe München is open for booking at

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