Two EasyPACK™ modules with CoolSiC™ MOSFETs for EV charging and UPS

Production numbers of electric vehicles (full and hybrid) are rapidly increasing. With that, the demand for energy efficient charging solutions is also rising. Addressing the fast growing demand for Silicon Carbide (SiC) solutions in this field, Infineon Technologies AG launched two new EasyPACK modules of the 1200 V family.

Both, Easy 1B and Easy 2B, integrate CoolSiC™ MOSFETs aiming not only at this market but also at UPS applications.

Coming in two different topologies the power modules enable engineers to increase their systems’ efficiency for reduced cooling effort. In addition, higher frequency operation is possible. Integrated in an Easy 1B housing the four-pack topology (F4-23MR12W1M1_B11) perfectly serves the DC/DC stage of the charging station. The Easy 2B (F3L15MR12W2M1_B69) holds a three-level configuration that is well suited for the Vienna Rectifier usually implemented in this application for the PFC stage. In combination, the power modules can be used for 50/60 kW EV charging solution.

The EasyPACK standard package for power modules is characterized by an industry-leading low stray inductance. This helps in building up stacked modular solutions for charging which can go up to 120/150 kW. The NTC temperature sensor, which is also featured in the Easy modules, facilitates the monitoring of the device, while the PressFIT technology reduces assembly time for mounting the device.


04.09.2019   |  

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