To avoid problems with your stand construction, you find here all the important facts about it:

Max. height of your booth and advertisement is 7.50m.

An approval is necessary, if:

– Height of stand or advertisement is higher than 3m
– standsize is larger or equals 100m²
– if you have a cover on your stand

The backwalls have to be white, clean of installation materials and neutral from a height of 2.50m.

Advertisement booth:
Advertising mediums have to have a 2m distance to the border of the neighbour booth.

Lounge/ Common rooms:
Each room on a bootharea has to have a intervisibility (glasdoor, window, etc.; min. 0,8m x 0,2m), which has to be insured by sitting and standing.

!! Here you find the general guidelines of Messe München!!

To be safe, that everything is alright, send your plans to and you will get an approval of the technical exhibitor service.

For specific questions about your stand construction you can also contact!

Necessary application for the following subject:

Subject to approval in the halls:
– Exhibition stands with a floor area of more than 100m²
– Two-story stands structures
– Stands structures with horizontal ceilings/canopies
– Vehicles and containers

Subject to approval in the outdoor exhibition area:
– Stands with a floor area of more than 50m²
– Multi-story stands

Subject to approval in the halls and outdoor exhibition area:
– Stands with chairs arranged in rows and/or around tables for
more than 200 persons
– Slide projection and/or film shows in darkened rooms
– Use of compressed gases, liquid gases and flammable
liquids and deep fryers > 50I capacity
– Use of welding equipment and activities involving naked
– Open fires and activities involving risk of fire
– Acids and lyes
– Use of radioactive materials and bio-hazardous substances


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