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Vehicles – electric, connected and autonomous

The future of the mobility is electric, connected and autonomous. Therefore, electric mobility and especially electric commercial vehicles will play an important in this development.

They are a key factor in the transition process from a niche to a mass market. Fleet operators add new vehicles to their fleets because they realize that electric vehicles come with significantly lower total costs of ownerships than fossil vehicles. The currently higher costs of purchase are more than compensated by lower maintenance costs. For urban areas they will be indispensable in the medium-term, because more and more local authorities are forced to reduce emissions and will therefore ban vehicles with combustion engines from their streets. With the increasing connectivity between the vehicles and between the vehicles and their physical and digital environment as well as automated and eventually autonomous driving will enable traffic authorities to manage urban traffic much smarter and to use the limited space of especially urban areas much more efficiently.

Manufacturers like EMOSS from the Netherlands, the award-winning transporters NISSAN eNV200 as well as the DHL subsidiary StreetScooter’s multi-purpose transporter „Work“, the Swiss manufacturer Bucher Municipal with an electric road sweeper, emovum from Hamburg with their 3 way discharge skipper or the Hungarian company evopro, that has developed a fully electric, modular structured bus for urban transportation, have shown where EVs can be used comprehensively today.

Product Index

1.1 Electric Cars
1.2 Connected and Autonomous Cars
1.3 LEVs Light Electric Vehicles
1.4 Electric Motorcycles
1.5 Electric Scooters
1.6 eBikes
1.7 Electric Fun Vehicles

1.8 Electric Golf Vehicles
1.9 Electric Commercial Vehicles
1.10 Connected & Autonomous Commercial Vehicles
1.11 Electric Trucks
1.12 Connected and Autonomous Trucks
1.13 Electric Busses
1.14 Connected and Autonomous Busses

1.15 Electric – Forklifts + Electric Vehicles for Transportation and Storing
1.16 Electric Vehicles for Rehabilitation
1.17 Electric Ambulance Vehicles
1.18 Electric Vehicles for challenged and retired People
1.19 Electric Carts
1.20 Electric Carts

1.21 Electric and Hybrid Boats and Ships
1.22 Electric Aircrafts
1.23 Other Vehicles
1.24 Accessories
1.25 Vehicle Service
1.26 Vehicle Certification
1.27 Vehicle Testing

9.1 Maintenance
9.1.1 Refitting
9.1.2 Tools
9.1.3 Diagnostics, Test Equipment
9.1.4 Mechanical Repair Equipment
9.1.5 Operating Supplies Auxiliaries
9.1.6 Tyre Servicing Equipment
9.1.7 Lifting Equipment
9.1.8 Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation
9.1.9 Shop Products
9.1.10 Washing and Cleaning Systems
9.1.11 Tow Trucks, Mobile Workshop Equipment
9.1.12 Starting/ Ignition Equipment
9.1.13 Fasteners
9.1.14 Technical Equipment
9.1.15 Garage Training
9.1.16 Rescue Trainings

9.2 Spare Parts
9.2.1 Drive and Motor Spare Parts
9.2.2 Battery Spare Parts
9.2.3 Electric Spare Parts
9.2.4 Electronic Spare Parts
9.2.5 Chassis Spare Parts
9.2.6 Brake System Spare Parts
9.2.7 Tyres/ Accessories
9.2.8 Lighting/ Signalling
9.2.9 Body Equipment
9.2.10 HVAC Equipment
9.2.11 Interior Equipment
9.2.12 Tuning and Tuning Components
9.2.13 Driver Equipment
9.2.14 Accessories
9.2.15 Other Spare Parts

eMove360° Conferences 2018
for Electric Mobility & Autonomous Driving


eMove360° Conference October 17-18, 2018 Munich


Battery Production
Stationary Batteries
Mobile Batteries
Battery Materials and Recycling

More Information

Fuel Cell

eMove360° Conference October 16, 2018 Munich


Energy Carrier & Fuel
Energy Storage
Hydrogen Vehicles
H2 Production

More Information

Connected & Autonomous Mobility

eMove360° Conference October 16-17, 2018 Munich


Smart Cities & Last Mile Concepts
IT Security & Big Data
Automated Driving
Apps & Services

More Information

Electric Vehicle Charging & Energy

eMove360° Conference October 16, 2018 Munich


What is the right fast charging system?
Is inductive charging on the lead?
Global payment Systems of tomorrow
Charging – free or at a Charge?
Renewable Energies – Water, Wind, Solar

More Information

Electric Mobility Engineering

eMove360° Conference October 17-18, 2018 Munich


Electric Powertrain
HMI – Challenges in Design & Technology
Supply Systems on Board
Measurement & Testing Technology
Lightweight Constructions

More Information


Netzwerk-Club & Verlag für die Mobility 4.0 8mal jährlich Veranstaltungen München

Netzwerk-Club & Verlag

Der e-Monday ist Deutschlands führendes Netzwerk für die Mobilität 4.0 und ist speziell für Fachleute aus Wirtschaft, Technik, Wissenschaft und Politik ausgelegt.

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