Vestel steps up plans to expand its battery solutions business

As part of its on-going commitment to drive sustainable innovation, Vestel has announced plans to accelerate the growth of its battery solutions business. Already up-and-running, Vestel Battery Solutions has kick-started its ambitious expansion with the manufacture of e-bike battery pack designs. With dedicated electronics design expertise, as well as conveniently located world-class R&D, and manufacturing facilities, Vestel is now scaling up to offer more partners an unprecedented competitive advantage.

Electronics know-how 

This expansion into battery solutions is a natural next step in the company’s growth and evolution. With over thirty-seven years of consumer electronics manufacturing behind it, Vestel has the technical know-how and experience to hit the ground running. A large team of dedicated R&D engineers is already in place to oversee the design, testing and production. Furthermore, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and simulation tools have been implemented from the start to develop battery solutions that can offer the utmost safety and reliability.

“We are excited to diversify and realise our full potential in the manufacture of tailored battery solutions,” said Selcen Uyguntüzel, Deputy General Manager of Sales, Vestel. “With our technical know-how, OEM customer experience and vast manufacturing complex, we are uniquely placed to design highly tailored battery solutions that can still be delivered at scale. As the whole battery pack development is in-house and under our control, we can also ensure greater cost efficiency, without compromising on quality.”

World-class R&D and manufacturing complex 

Vestel’s state-of-the-art 1.1 million square metre R&D and manufacturing complex is perfectly positioned to scale production around the world, with quality and speed. Raising the bar for battery pack designs and production, it offers world-class manufacturing resources. These include Europe’s largest automated printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) facility, as well as a highly automated production line to enhance every battery pack’s performance and reliability.

The battery pack’s Battery Management System (BMS) is designed and manufactured in-house by Vestel engineers. As well as offering ultra-low power consumption in shutdown mode and a number of security details, the BMS comes with a Bluetooth module to ensure easier serviceability and OTA firmware updates.

Using cutting-edge laser welding equipment, this automated process enables Vestel to provide the highest level of reliability and design flexibility. To ensure design quality, the manufacturing complex also offers advanced testing facilities for cells, modules, packs, and BMS hardware and software. All testing is handled in-house, including the long-term cycle tests.

The testing process itself raises the bar for quality control. Instead of using the common acceptance sampling procedure, Vestel tests without compromise by ensuring that each and every battery pack is tested at the end of the production line for BMS functionality and IP66 standards.

The factory’s geographical location in western Turkey provides a further advantage, cutting down lead times for customers in Europe, MEA and Russia.

E-bike battery solutions

With the development of its battery solutions division, Vestel has quickly tapped into its enormous potential to power e-micromobility. Vestel’s current solutions include downtube, in-frame and rear carrier e-bike battery packs. To optimise the performance and driving range, the high-density battery pack designs are made with the latest 21700 NCA/NMC cells.

Built to a higher standard, they also ensure long-term reliability and quality, using liquid silicone sealing technology to offer a strengthened IP66-level resistance to water and dust.  Exceeding industry standards, they are designed to pass internationally recognised EN50604-1 testing, which includes intense salt-water immersion and crush tests.

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