Viva España: EnBW HyperNet in Spain

Electric car drivers throughout Spain can now use the EnBW mobility+ app and charging card. The same uniform prices per kilowatt hour apply there as at all of the more than 300,000 charging points in what is now 17 countries in the EnBW HyperNetwork. Even before the addition of the charging points in Spain, the EnBW HyperNetwork covered 16 countries in Europe – including the largest charging network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Just this June, the energy company connected another seven countries to the EnBW HyperNetwork for e-car drivers in one fell swoop. In the EnBW mobility+ app, they can find all available charging points as well as additional information on availability and charging power. The app has won independent tests such as that of Stiftung Warentest several times. Via Apple CarPlay, customers can also display and then access all charging points in the EnBW HyperNet directly via the screen in the vehicle.

As the operator of the largest fast charging network in Germany, EnBW itself is also driving the expansion of state-of-the-art HPC (High Power Charging) charging locations throughout Germany. With a charging capacity of up to 300 kilowatts, e-cars can charge up to 100 kilometers of fresh range there within five minutes. The company already operates more than 700 of its own fast-charging locations and will more than quadruple this to 2,500 by 2025. EnBW is investing around 100 million euros a year in this.

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09.08.2022   |  

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