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VOI-APP: Personal climate balance at a glance

The Swedish e-scooter provider Voi Technology is expanding its booking app with a new “Impact Dashboard”. There users can see how many emissions are saved by their e-scooter rides. The calculation is based on a modeling process tested by traffic researchers that includes the number of car trips replaced as well as emissions from the manufacture and logistics of the scooter.

More and more Germans are taking a critical look at their personal carbon footprint. In order to ensure more transparency in the transport sector and to support its users in developing a greater awareness of the effects of their mobility decisions, the German market leader Voi Technology is introducing a so-called “Impact Dashboard” at the turn of the year. Anyone driving the Swedish provider’s scooter can now call up their personal emissions profile at any time in the rental app. The modeling is based on motorized vehicle traffic, is calculated individually and updated in real time.

CO2 savings and PM2.5

The Impact Dashboard shows users’ estimated carbon dioxide (CO2) savings if they switch to a scooter instead of a car. On average, this value is around 15 percent in Germany, about every sixth trip. The modeling also takes into account not only the emissions for a single trip, but the entire life cycle of the scooter, from production to the recycling process. In addition, the dashboard indicates the average impact on air quality according to the PM2.5 metric for measuring particulate matter pollution. Exposure to PM2.5 caused over 400,000 deaths in Europe alone in 2018 and is ranked as the fifth leading risk factor for global mortality.

Scientifically tested environmental calculator

The underlying carbon footprint modeling was developed in collaboration with transport researchers from University College London’s MaaS Lab. In addition to the journey time and average switch rate from the car, it processes the official emission factors for other modes of transport, as well as Vois emission factors for CO2 and PM2.5 equivalents based on a comprehensive ecological balance. Since launching in Europe in 2018, more than 90 million trips have been made on Voi’s coral e-scooters and e-bikes in over 70 cities in 11 countries. In the German market, 30 percent of Vois e-scooters are used for the last mile, and 50 percent of drivers switch more often to local public transport.

Zero waste approach

The latest e-scooter model, the Voiager 4, has an expected lifespan of over five years. It is equipped with replaceable batteries that can be changed on site to avoid trips to warehouses and ensure more environmentally friendly operation. The Voiager 4 consists of over 90 percent recycled material, Voi aims to be able to manufacture the scooter from 95 percent recycled material by 2025.

The company follows a zero-waste approach and maintains each scooter in weekly cycles. Stephan Boelte, Head of Voi Germany, explains: “One year after the start of the ‘Action Decade’, the international community must further increase its ambition in order to successfully deal with the climate crisis, to fulfill the Paris Agreement and to make the transition to climate-neutral transport. To date, Voi -Users replaced 11 million car journeys – and the trend is rising Together with cities, citizens and other public transport and micro-mobility providers, we can reduce the need for short car journeys, reduce harmful emissions and bring a breath of fresh air, more green and a positive Bringing a zest for life to the urban space.” www.voi.com

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