Volkswagen and TraceTronic establish neocx – a joint venture for automated software integration

  • – Partners to build a platform for highly automated testing and integration of automotive software and digital functions (CI/CT factory)
  • – Volkswagen aims to use CI/CT factory to accelerate the development of digital functions
  • – With the implementation of a CI/CT factory for Volkswagen, TraceTronic is expanding its capacity to deliver integrated solutions to global manufacturers

Volkswagen is strengthening its expertise in the integration of automotive software. At present, high-performance automotive functions can only be achieved by networking many individual software and hardware components. Integrating these components and testing the resulting assembly is a key development task for Volkswagen. As part of its ACCELERATE strategy, Volkswagen is seeking to grow automotive software integration and the digital customer experience as core competencies. The company has therefore established a joint venture with TraceTronic, a world-leading provider of solutions to test and integrate automotive software. Each partner holds 50 percent in the joint venture, named neocx, which will create a continuous integration/continuous testing (CI/CT) factory. This is a platform which brings together high-performance tools for the automated testing and integration of automotive software and networked services. In this way, Volkswagen aims to accelerate the development of digital functions such as over-the-air updates, which are provided to the owners of ID. vehicles every three months. Prior to this, the updates are to be integrated and tested with solutions from neocx. This makes the new joint venture a key contributor to the development process.

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02.08.2021   |  

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