Hinweis auf Ladestation für ein Elektroauto. Foto: studio-V-zwoelf@stockadobe.com

Summarized by eMove360°: These are the profits for e-drivers

In Germany, the privileges for drivers of electric cars have been anchored in the Electromobility Act, EmoG for short, since 2015. However, the federal states and municipalities decide for themselves which of the regulations are actually implemented. The nationwide Electromobility Act provides the following regulations for electric cars: Own e-license plate – reduction of parking fees – reservation of public parking spaces for charging – exception to access restrictions – use of special lanes

You can read which city implements which regulation and how in the current eMove360° magazine in german language. There you will also find a list of all the pros for the switch from combustion to electric cars. Free Download PDF.

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02.07.2022   |  

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