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Walther-Werke: New smartEVO duo+ wallbox for companies

With the smartEVO duo wallbox from Walther-Werke, two vehicles can be charged simultaneously. The solution is primarily suitable for the sustainable establishment of a load-optimized charging infrastructure in the commercial sector as well as for the company’s own vehicle fleet. The wallbox is flexibly scalable, compliant with calibration regulations and state-of-the-art.

The smartEVO duo wallbox from Walther-Werke in Eisenberg in the Palatinate is equipped with two charging points. The charging power is individually adjustable; up to 22kW per charging point. In order to realize the setup of a suitable charging infrastructure for fleets and company-owned fleets of different sizes, the number of charging points can be flexibly scaled according to demand and also expanded at any time. From small to large – everything is possible. Because with the smartEVO duo, charging parks with up to 250 charging points can be implemented without any problems.

For even more flexibility, the wallbox has integrated, dynamic load management. This is particularly recommended for companies where power consumption fluctuates greatly throughout the day. An external smart meter (IPD control) with a converter connection of up to 1,000A measures the variable total energy available and distributes it flexibly between the company and the charging park according to the current demand. In this way, load peaks can be avoided from the outset and the total energy demand can be optimized.

The integration of an energy management system (EMS) is possible without any problems. If the operator of the charging infrastructure also has his own photovoltaic system, he can charge sustainably and cost-effectively with the solar power fed into the system. Depending on the configuration, the e-cars only charge when sufficient power is available from the PV system.

To enable users to charge simply and easily, the wallbox supports the Autocharge function. Authorization and the charging process start completely automatically via so-called Powerline Communication (PLC) after the charging cable is plugged in. This eliminates the need for a charging card, chip or app for authentication. The Plug & Charge technology integrated in the wallbox complies with the international standard ISO 15118. Via regular software updates (OTA), the charging station always remains state of the art and thus offers an absolutely future-proof solution for all companies and tradesmen.

Since the wallbox has standardized communication interfaces, it can also be back-ended and billed at any time. This means that operators can implement billing of charging processes for different user groups: regardless of whether it is a fleet of company cars, employees with private vehicles or guests (ad-hoc charging).

The smartEVO duo also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety. The charging station is equipped with DC fault current detection and offers increased electrical safety thanks to two-stage temperature monitoring. The sustainable housing concept of the wallbox is extremely robust, durable and weatherproof.

Optionally, the smartEVO duo is available with two charging cables with type 2 plugs or with two charging sockets. It can be installed on the wall or on an available pedestal for a free-standing solution. All variants are also available as solutions that comply with calibration regulations.

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