We are happy to welcoming CCV as a new exhibitor at emove360° Europe 2021

Another great exhibitor awaits you with CCV at the eMove360° Europe 2021 onsite trade fair in november.

CCV – Pioneers in payment

We facilitated the first electronic payments in the 1970s and started online payments in the early 2000s. Now we offer next-generation Android payment terminals to enhance your service experience. And that of your customers.

Pioneering in payment is in our DNA. To us, innovation is not just about technology. It is about connecting the dots in new ways. Nothing gets us more excited than applying meaningful innovation to help our clients thrive.​ And as such, we understand true innovation can only come from co-creation.​

Whether you are a local business owner or run a large international enterprise, at CCV we know what your business needs. To us, the power of payment is obvious. 

So, let’s unlock the full potential of payment together. 

Thank you for the cooperation and we look forward to a successful trade fair.You can visit CCV here.

Do you want to be a part of the eMove360° Europe 2021 in Munich? Here a more information about the trade fair.

If you have more questions, feel free and contact us

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