ZF Develops Auto Industry’s Lightest Knee Airbag Module

ZF will launch an industry-first fabric housing knee airbag in 2019 for a major European vehicle manufacturer. The new airbag, which utilizes a fabric housing, will be up to 30 percent lighter than a traditional metal housing knee airbag, and will help improve occupant protection in a crash.

“The new ZF fabric housing knee airbag will support a number of industry trends,” said Norbert Kagerer, senior vice president, Occupant Safety Systems Engineering, ZF Friedrichshafen AG. “The reduced weight leads to greater efficiency in fuel economy and reduced emissions, while the smaller and flexible packaging will help meet new interior design and safety demands for the electric and autonomous vehicle interiors of the future.”

The new airbag module will enable vehicle manufacturers to help optimize interior redesign requirements, such as reinforcing the instrument panel. In some cases, this will further reduce weight and costs.

ZF’s new knee airbag module will be produced using a new manufacturing process that allows for more precise module package configurations that help to enhance the airbag’s quality and performance. The fabric housing design will be configurable for all markets and light vehicle ranges.


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03.04.2018   |  

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