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Chakratec is an Award Winner of the eMobilty Battery Storage at the 2017 eMove 360.

Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology, which enables unlimited high power charge and discharge cycles.
Utilizing our proprietary Kinetic Power Booster technology, Chakratec facilitates the deployment of fast charging stations anywhere, including locations with a weak grid.
The company offers kinetic power boosters, high power chargers and fully managed charging services for electric vehicles (EVs).

Chakratec provides optimal solutions for the EV charging eco-system, circumventing the problem of insufficient power in the grid. This is done by applying the Kinetic Power Booster (KPB) based on our Kinetic Energy Storage system.
Our multi-patented technology stores the electricity as kinetic energy in a fast-rotating flywheel. This technology presents two major advantages:
• Unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles (more than 200,000) without degradation over the full system lifetime of 20 years
• The non-chemical flywheel is a sustainable and reusable system, as opposed to toxic and polluting chemical batteries

Chakratec’s multi-cycle technology also enables high power applications including peak shaving, grid stabilization and power trading.

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