VOLT.E – Cotton Constellation LDA.

VOLT.E is a global company entirely specialized in the supply of all types of chargers for the electric vehicles by having all the necessary and most adequate products for the electrical mobility and for all the customer’s needs . Thus, we are thinking of the future well-being of all humanity , with the main concern in having a very good performance in the transformation of the Combustion cars by electric mobility with the least of damage for the environment.

VOLT.E is based in the North of Portugal , at 50Km from Oporto airport and has been serving the customers with the most suitable type of chargers at their best convenience.

VOLT.E has a strong presence in the national and international markets.

With one showroom and facilities of 350 sq. meters , one of the biggest in Europe , where the customers are very welcome , all the products are presented and can be tested by them . In this way all customers can choose the most appropriate product for their intended purposes.

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