Winner 2019 Category: Student


Concept: Ulrike Mutschke
University: Fachhoschule Hof, Campus Münchberg

PLANTASTIX (plant-based plastics) are plastic made from waste milk indigenous plants and kitchen waste, which manage without any thermal and chemical processes or additives and rot completely after use on the domestic compost. Produces can be plates, embossed surfaces, moldings and unique craftmanship. The weatherproof maerial absorbs moisture and supports a healthy indoor climate. The water intake can be inhibited by treatment with linseed oil varnish or waxes, enabling in further applications. The connection with non-degradable matierals is possible in a reversible manner, with degradable materials such as wood, wool, cork or rubber also in irreversible manner.


Fachhochschule Hof, Campus Münchberg