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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology: SUBLIME – Solid-state sulfide-based Li-metal batteries for electric vehicles

The global spread of electric vehicles is essential to reduce transport-related emissions. The transport sector alone accounts for about a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, with road transport responsible for over two-thirds of this share. SUBLIME aims to significantly increase the uptake of e-vehicles by overcoming technical hurdles, reducing costs, improving long-distance capability and further developing fast-charging technologies. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology plays a central role in SUBLIME and is not only responsible for the optimization of cathode and solid state electrolyte foils, but also for the dissemination of the project results.

The central element of the SUBLIME concept is the development of a comprehensive value chain, starting with the definition of cell requirements and ending with the execution of extensive test campaigns for novel solid-state battery cells based on sulfide solid-state electrolytes with increased charge and energy density. The newly developed batteries are constructed from electrode materials with increased capacity and voltage, which also allow a high level of safety and operation at room temperature or even lower temperatures. This ensures smooth functioning during operation in vehicles under various environmental conditions.

In the course of the project, the interfaces between the individual cell components will be modified to enable fast Li-ion transport. Particular attention will be paid to the development of chemically stable interfaces with good contact and robust mechanical properties. These innovative approaches will increase the stability of the battery components by taking advantage of the cold formability of the sulfide solid electrolyte to establish optimal contact at the interfaces.

Under SUBLIME, solid-state sulfide electrolyte battery technology is expected to reach Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6. This will pave the way for scalable and efficient commercial manufacturing. The project will also create a comprehensive roadmap for 2030, which will support the strong consortium of European partners on the path to successful market entry of this technology.

AIT battery researcher Artur Tron: “The SUBLIME project pursues the ambitious goal of making solid-state battery cells based on sulfide electrolytes suitable for widespread use in the mobility sector. Our ambition is to support European battery producers in the spirit of the Green Deal to make a decisive contribution on the way to emission-free and sustainable mobility.”

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