Audi Hungaria produces e-motors for future PPE model generation

  • – Alfons Dintner, CEO of Audi Hungaria: “We are actively shaping the new era of electrification”.
  • – Robert Buttenhauser, Board Member for Powertrain Production: “Our competence and experience are ideal prerequisites for the production of drives for the Premium Platform Electric”

Preparations for the production of the new generation of electric motors are already in progress at Audi Hungaria. In the future, Győr will supply the new electric drives for the Group’s all-electric models, which are based on the “Premium Platform Electric (PPE)” developed jointly with Porsche. For their production, a completely new production department will be set up in Audi Hungaria’s drive production. Numerous facilities and the assembly line have already been installed for future production.

19.02.2021   |  

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