Automatisiertes E-Auto Laden für Zuhause – KEBA und Easelink arbeiten an einem gemeinsamen Produkt

Automated e-car charging at home: KEBA and Easelink are working on a joint product

The eMobility specialist KEBA is one of the leading manufacturers of wallboxes and charging solutions. The high-tech company Easelink has specialized in the automation of the charging process with the technology development of Matrix Charging®. Matrix Charging® is an automated conductive charging solution consisting of a vehicle unit and a stationary unit (charging pad) at the parking lot. This means that the charging process is fully automated with this system and the classic manual connection of the charging cable to the wallbox is no longer necessary. Matrix Charging® is currently being used in the “eTaxi Austria” project, the world’s largest project for automated charging of e-taxis, in real operation with over 60 e-vehicles in Vienna & Graz.KEBA and Easelink are now working on the next product generation of Matrix Charging® for charging electric vehicles at home. Part of the cooperation is to offer Matrix Charging® as an additional charging interface to the classic cable for KEBA wallboxes for both existing and new customers. The Matrix Charging® system creates an automated connection option between the car and the power grid. KEBA has already sold well over 500,000 wallboxes. Customers who already rely on KEBA wallboxes today will be able to retrofit Matrix Charging® very easily in the future. The partnership between KEBA and Easelink is the next important step towards better integrating electric vehicles into the power grid and intelligently controlling charging processes in the future.

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22.11.2023   |  

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