Bosch offering sub-$10K 24 kW DC fast charger for North America

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has introduced the Power DCPlus DC fast charger in North America, starting at less than $10,000. Using the SAE J1772 DC Combo connector, the 24 kW Bosch Power DCPlus will charge compatible EVs to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

The station has been approved by General Motors and can be ordered through GM’s Dealer Equipment Program.Bild Bosch offering sub-$10K 24 klein

By offering a 24kW DC Fast Charger, Bosch has positioned its Power DCPlus as a high-value, physically smaller alternative to larger, more expensive 50kW options while still significantly improving charging times versus Level 2 AC charging stations. By complying with the SAE J1772 DC Combo standard, Bosch has aligned with most major automakers offering EV’s with DC fast-charging capabilities.

The Power DCPlus is also ChargePoint network-enabled, allowing electric vehicle drivers to access the stations with a ChargePoint card and determine station availability in real-time.

In contrast to the AC-based Level 2 charging stations widely available, including the Bosch Power Xpress and Bosch Power Max family, DC Fast Chargers supply power directly to a vehicle’s battery, resulting in a faster charge. AC stations supply power into a vehicle’s onboard charging system, which must then be converted into DC power to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Bosch’s Power DCPlus is significantly smaller than other DC fast chargers, resulting in lower installation costs and the flexibility of wall or pedestal-mount configurations. In June, ChargePoint introduced its own compact 24 kW Express 100 compact DC fast charger.
The Bosch Power DCPlus requires a 480V 3-phase input with 24 kW output to charge compatible EVs to 80% in less than 30 minutes. The station is 31″H x 19″W x 12″D, weighs less than 150 pounds (68 kg), and features a rugged indoor/outdoor-rated IP54 enclosure.

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