CES 2020: evway is among the Italian startups in Las Vegas

A recent article from Digitaltrends.com rightly said: “When it comes to Automotive, Geneva has exotics, Frankfurt has engineering and Detroit has muscle, and Vegas has future. Despite the name. Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is every bit a car show”.

It’s therefore natural that after attending for several years all the major European events and shows, evway by Route220 is presenting its “experience centric” vision for electric mobility charging services in USA: in Vegas at CES 2020, from January 7th to January 10th, at the SAND Center.

“After 5 years of successful experience in managing one of the most relevant and successful charging network in Italy with more than 50.000 charging sessions done by our users all over Europe” said Franco Barbieri, Founder and President of Route220 “we are convinced that our digital services – designed to bring value to the charging time and to enhance the overall ev driving experience – will be appreciated and widely adopted by the EV-Drivers in the more advanced and sophisticated markets, like North America, North and Central Europe, and even by Asian countries”

During the 4 day event, the evway team will be available to demonstrate all the unique features offered by the evway App to the EV-Drivers and to the stakeholders of the complete ev-value chain. The digital platform it has been designed and introduced with success in Italy, known for its unique “lifestyle”, enabling the adoption of sustainable business models by hospitality, food chains and commercial businesses. evway is not only an app for the final users, it’s a complete platform of advanced digital services, bundled inside the “evway travel network”, that will be available to all the International hospitality’s operators as well.



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