Circontrol launches eHome BeON

eHomeBeON synchronizes the electric vehicle charge with the house by a dynamic power adjustment regarding the consumption supported by domestic Installation.

One of the main problems that electric vehicle users find while trying to charge their cars at home is that a potential non-expected overconsumption may cause a black out. This is because the electric shared consumption is shared with the rest of the electrical devices installed at home. The uncontrolled and random consumption of these devices added to the electric vehicle charge could cause a blackout that can only be fixed by turning off one of the appliances or by disconnecting your electric vehicle.

Circontrol has developed eHome BeON, the first intelligent sensor that, together with charging equipment eHome, synchronizes the electric vehicle charge with the house. This solution, unique in the market, consists on an electrical device called BeON that can be easily added to the usual protection panel at home.

The eHome BeON will adjust dynamically your electric vehicle consumption, taking the consumption supported by your installation as a reference. This device generates and sends a control signal to the eHome that allows it to regulate electric vehicle’s consumption if it’s necessary. eHome BeON allows charging your electric vehicle without increasing the contracted power and avoiding blackouts.

Designed to operate with eHome

BeON it’s designed to work together with domestic charging equipment eHome, manufactured by Circontrol. eHome product range, has a modern and innovative design, which longs to offer a safe, comfortable and easy to install solution that can be used in indoor and outdoor car parks, with features that focus on domestic market.

The result is a high quality product that allows charging comfortably all electric vehicle models in Mode 3 with a connector Type 1 or Type 2. Besides, eHome range allows selecting the load intensity limit with a selector, remote load activation and detection of complete load.

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