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Citroën-Ubitricity cooperation: charging lanterns for on-street parkers

Citroën and Ubricity, a Berlin-based company known for charging lanterns and a member of the Shell Group, are joining forces to make electric mobility more accessible to drivers in European cities. The collaboration will start in London with the launch of the Ami. Customers who buy a new Citroën Ami will receive three months of free charging on Ubitricity’s network of over 5500 lamppost charging points for electric vehicles in Greater London and other locations across the UK. To start free charging, Yank drivers can activate their discount with a unique code in the Shell Recharge app.

Europe-wide roll-out of charging lanterns

In Europe, the collaboration will focus on enabling the switch to electric vehicles through more lamppost chargers in more cities. EV chargers from Ubitricity will become available in a growing number of markets across Europe for Citroën’s growing EV fleet and the partnership will aim to further accelerate this growth. Using existing infrastructure such as streetlights offers a quick and easy way to build a dense network of charging points in urban areas without lengthy planning phases. On-street charging options for electric vehicles allow drivers who do not have a private driveway or garage for a wall box to consider purchasing an electric vehicle. After all, charging electric vehicles on the street is just as convenient – overnight, for example, when cars are parked for long periods anyway – as charging them at home.

Apart from cooperation, there are two ways to use the Ubitricity charging network: Either you scan a QR code attached to the charging station with your smartphone and follow a few instructions on the access page – no subscription or app is necessary. Or with the help of apps from any provider, such as Shell Recharge, which offer additional functions to keep track of all charging processes and a monthly payment plan.

Daniel Kunkel, CEO of Ubitricity, says: “The visions of Citroën’s Ami and Ubitricity’s lantern charging columns match – they are minimalist, space-saving and simple, resource-saving and affordable for everyone. In many cities across Europe, space is at a premium and for EV drivers without private parking, Ubitricity’s light pole charging solution offers convenient and affordable access to on-street charging right outside the front door.”

Laurent Barria, Director Global Marketing and Communications Citroën, says: “We are delighted to be working with ubitricity on this project. The Ami offers a comprehensive solution for urban mobility with the aim of making mobility easier and suitable for the greatest number of people.” www.ubitricity.com; www.citroen.com

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