In Berlin fokussiert sich Continental auf Künstliche Intelligenz für die Mobilität der Zukunft. Foto: Continental

Continental with its own AI lab in Berlin: Innovative AI technologies for future mobility solutions

On 1 February 2023, Gilles Mabire, Chief Technology Officer Continental Automotive, welcomed the capital’s AI community to its own AI Lab for the first time. Here, AI experts from a wide range of company divisions work together on technologies such as computer vision (machine vision), hybrid AI (combination of machine learning with conventional software programmes) or automated data labelling (marking objects in images as a prerequisite for machine learning, for example) and develop corresponding applications for autonomous driving and robotics. With its new location in the capital, the technology company is reaffirming its goal of exploiting the enormous opportunities offered by artificial intelligence for the mobility of the future and meeting the requirements of megatrends such as automated driving, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility. “A driving factor for the further development and future of mobility is clearly artificial intelligence,” Gilles Mabire explained the importance of AI for the sector strategy or automotive strategy in his opening speech. “At AI Campus Berlin, our research activities focus on innovative AI technologies for future mobility solutions. I am convinced that we will see significant developments for intelligent and autonomous mobility here and continue to drive innovation.”

The fact that Berlin is exactly the right place for AI at Continental is shown by the rapid development of the location: the first employee signed on in November 2021, and by the time of the official inauguration, almost two dozen highly motivated software engineers and AI experts were already working together on their projects. “We took a close look at all the AI centres in Europe beforehand, and Berlin offers by far the best ecosystem in Germany for creating something new together,” said Dr Corina Apachite, Program Head Artificial Intelligence and Data at Continental Automotive, explaining the choice of location. “With its history, culture, internationality and real-lab infrastructure, Berlin has a strong appeal for the AI scene, from start-ups and research institutions to investors and technology players – and above all, a large pool of motivated and talented young AI talent. For us, Berlin is “the place to be for AI”.

The AI Campus Berlin, which aims to network Europe’s AI community, also contributes to this special attraction. In the immediate vicinity, Continental experts here benefit from interaction and collaboration beyond office boundaries and meet regularly with other local AI stakeholders for events, lectures or spontaneous exchanges in the central “Connection Space”. “For successful work in artificial intelligence, this positive attitude towards innovation and entrepreneurship is essential,” said Dr Andreas Weinlich, Head of the Continental AI Lab. “The development in this field is so fast that in the future even the methods of agile software development will no longer be sufficient to keep a finger on the pulse. In a network like the AI Campus in Berlin, we can learn from each other more quickly and work together on the future of mobility.”

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