Rahmyn Kress , Valeria Sandei, Mirko Lalli, v.l.n.r. Foto: WeVee

Data treasure for the mobility revolution: Partnership of WeVee Technologies and The Data Appeal Company

Data analytics are indispensable for the expansion of e-mobility, whether in terms of location information, market research data sets or sentiment observations. The better the data quality, the more individually sustainable mobility can be put into practice and improved. It gains efficiency and acceptance. For example, an e-car driver may want to stop and charge regularly at playgrounds when on a long trip with his children. Another driver may prefer less frequent, but longer stops at vegetarian restaurants. Charging apps can cater to these personal preferences, significantly enhancing the user experience of e-car driving.

As a result, clean tech company WeVee Technologies announces its partnership with The Data Appeal Company, a leading provider of AI analytics solutions in tourism, fintech and location intelligence. Through the collaboration, WeVee Technologies will gain access to data on relevant locations of tourist or commercial interest near WeVee’s network of currently more than 450,000 charging points. This data exchange will enable understanding of consumer needs, charging infrastructure vulnerabilities and geographic challenges to improve the charging experience and make meaningful investments.

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