CHAdeMO Association demonstrates High Power Charging

CHAdeMO association announced today that it has revised its quick charging standard for plug-in vehicles, and its technology can now achieve quick charging with higher power.

On the same day, the Association hosted a technology exhibition at Ise City in Japan’s Mie prefecture, where the Association publically conducted the world’s first demonstration of High Power Charging technology, while also demonstrating a V2X system that the Association has developed, in addition to a newly-introduced testing device.

High Power Charging Whereas the standard maximum current for Direct Current Quick Charging (CHAdeMO standard) had previously been limited to 125 Ampere, the revised standard increases maximum current to 400 Ampere, enabling an increase in charging output from 50kW to 150kW. This helps further improve the convenience of plug-in vehicles by shortening charging times to approximately 1/3 of previous charging times.

V2X Technology V2X technology enables the discharging of electricity from vehicles such as battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and so on. V2X started gaining public attention as a key technology to achieve distribution of power sources under a smart grid concept, in addition to its key function of saving energy by controlling the balance of power demand and supply, or to supply power during emergencies. The demonstration showed how V2X technology sources electricity from different types of electric vehicles (battery electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, fuel cell electric vehicle), in order to power various types of electric appliances.

New Testing Device CHAdeMO association has been introducing CHAdeMO certification/testing systems to ensure safe and interoperable charging between plug-in vehicles and chargers from different manufacturers. In order to encourage the deployment of the system, the association developed a new testing device at an affordable price (anticipated price around JPY 3M per unit). The new device has already received orders from the US and India, and is expected to help the further uptake of the CHAdeMO standard in global markets.

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