Neues Zertifizierungsprogramm für Elektro-Ladeinfrastruktur. Foto: DEKRA

DEKRA offers first cybersecurity test seal for e-charging stations

DEKRA launches the first cybersecurity certification programme for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, making it the first provider worldwide to offer a special test seal. Based on well-known international cybersecurity standards such as ETSI EN 303 645 or IEC 62443, this programme is designed to help charging equipment manufacturers ensure that their products are prepared for future security solutions and can defend against the most important and common threats.

Certified products are awarded the DEKRA seal, which confirms that the charging device has been tested by DEKRA and meets cyber security requirements. The new programme complements the end-to-end testing and certification services to ensure safety, reliability and interoperability for all types of electric charging infrastructure (EVSE).

In addition to cybersecurity testing and certification, DEKRA offers additional services for charging stations. DEKRA has the largest testing scope for EV chargers and has the laboratory with the most accreditations and recognitions in the industry. End-to-end testing of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is an outstanding DEKRA competence: it includes assessment of interoperability, compliance, electrical safety, wireless and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), reliability, performance and now cyber security. DEKRA has testing laboratories in several locations around the world, including the Netherlands, the USA and China, to help customers worldwide ensure the safety and interoperability of products.

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